Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Halloween! Get some Wardrobe Items...

I remember someone told me once that an audition was like a job interview.  Which it is.  But I also took that to mean that actors should wear a suit or some business person outfit.  Well, sure...if you're auditioning for a lawyer role.   But otherwise, you're bringing yourself into a whole new character... so wear something that SUGGESTS this character.

Remember when Sean Young really wanted to be Catwoman?  She took the idea of coming to an audition in wardrobe which SUGGESTS character to a whole new eccentric level.  Only it wasn't an was her pleading on the Warner Bros lot.  And she missed the word SUGGEST and wore an entire catwoman costume instead.  And I wouldn't call this eccentric; I'd call it psycho.  *See end of post for my solution for her*

I'd never let you do that.

Now that Halloween is right around the corner... literally every other corner in NYC has a Halloween store, it is the perfect time to invest in some wardrobe items that SUGGEST character.  What does this mean?  Well, I'm going to tell you!

Ask Yourself (and Google)

What time period does the piece take place in?
What part of the world does the piece take place in?
What social class is this character?
What is this character's job or what does he or she or whomever do with their life?
What energy does the character exude?

Keep it simple.

If you are going to choose a very specific wardrobe item, just wear that.  Let's say you're auditioning for a western.  You find a great cowboy hat that fits well and you don't have to duck to enter the room.  Don't also wear a bandanna AND a western/cowboy shirt.  You'll look silly.  Pick one and rock it.  I love a hot western shirt with pearl buttons though.  nifty.

If you choose not wear a specific piece, keep everything simple.
Stanley: tshirt, workslacks, work shoes
Blanche: simple long dress (a maxi perhaps?), necklace, heels


Footwear makes a difference.  If your character is sexy, wear heels.  Never leaves the house, slippers.  Total mess, crocs.  Dapper dude, dress shoes.  You get it.

Wardrobe Enhances Behavior

When you look in the mirror and see yourself in wardrobe you would not normally wear, you will behave differently.  When you leave the mirror, the behavior will stay.  Your walk and your stance will change from casual to upscale, tough to meek, or vice versa.  How you sit, stand, use your hands, cock your head will change.  So take advantage of getting wardrobe which suggests character.

As for Sean Young, she should have rocked black eye makeup, black nails, red lips, a black vneck, and black leggings.  DONE!  And made an appointment with the director.

Some Stores:
Reminiscence on 23rd st between 5th and 6th aves
Abracadabra on 21st st between 5th and 6th aves
Halloween Adventure on 4th ave between 11th and 12th st


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lights! Camera! Cover Up...

Cuz you have maybe 5 minutes to make a good impression.

Do you see the slight redness around your nose?  Or how about the little bit of darkness under your eyes?  Or even that faint glow on your skin?  These are lovely normal qualities that ALL humans possess.  Unfortunately on camera, that redness is so red, it can look purple and volcanic.  That darkness... The Walking Dead.  And that glow is so shiny and oily and ugh! that I can't even see your features.  It totally distracts from your Oscar worthy audition/performance.  Damn you HD and crazy lights!!!

There is a solution.  MEN!  I am talking to you too. :)

Invest in a Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation.  

If your skin is relatively clear other than discolorations as previous mentioned, check out Tinted Moisturizers.  I really like BB Creams, which are like the Smart Phones of tinted moisturizers.  I recommend Maybelline Dream Fresh.  It comes in 5 tones at an inexpensive price.  Easy to choose.

If you think you need more coverage AND I DON'T MEAN HEAVY MAKEUP LOOK, I just mean you have some blemishes going on, which many of us have, I'd go for a Foundation.  This can be more tricky to choose.  I like Makeup Designory cream foundation.  They are in the West Village, NYC or at  They're super helpful too.  If you prefer a liquid, go to Sephora, Ulta, or a place which allows you to test products.  Check out Makeup Forever, NARS, Smashbox, etc.  To test a foundation color, take a little on a cotton swab and place it under your cheek bone at your jaw (this is the most neutral skin tone on your face) and blend in.  Can you see it? Yes... Wrong color.  No... Buy it.

Invest in Face Powder

Go to any store like Duane Reade or Rite Aid, and buy Translucent Powder.  It works for everyone's tone because it's... translucent.  It removes shine without adding color and cakiness.  Shine is distracting on camera AND on stage.  Banish it!  Remember to apply (or maybe reapply) a few minutes before going in to audition because those pesky oil glands are always at work!