Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PROP Talk!

I'm talking props today!  The use of these objects can totally add to your audition...

What is a prop?

It's a little extra item that's not necessarily attached to your body like wardrobe.  It gives you business to do during your audition.

Do you need a prop?

Go through your sides.  If you see a physical item that pops out at you that you could really use to enhance the audition, bring it and use it.  WITH INTENTION.

Let's say you refer to your extravagant necklace during the scene... Wear a necklace that is more than a chain.  If it's a comedy, wear a costume jewelry piece.  But don't wear one that may stab you in the eye... It's going to distract from your audition.

Let's say the script calls for your policeman character to show your badge.  How memorable would you be if you quickly flashed a prop badge.  Very.

Let's say you are playing an elderly character.  You could werk the BEEP out that audition if you bring a cane and use it to convey the emotion or feeling or comedy or whatever of that character.

Maybe you don't need a prop...

If during your prep, it feels awkward to hold the prop, scratch it.


Anyway, here are some stores to check out:

Reminiscence on 23rd between 5th and 6th aves
Abracadabra on 21st between 5th and 6th aves
Halloween Adventure on 4th ave between 12th and 13th st
Party City on 14th st between 5th and 6th aves


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