Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Year! A New You? HEADSHOTS

So with all those actor resolutions out there such as "I will get an agent!" "I will book a pilot!" "I will update my website!", it's probs time to actually do those things.  You aren't getting any younger!  And the world desperately needs to experience your talent!  So when you walk into that room for your interview/audition, make sure of one thing other than that you wore clothing that day...


The ones on your website, your 8x10, and the one you/agent/manager emailed.

Have less hair?  Get a new picture.
Rocking facial hair that you love?  Update that shot.
Went with that pixie cut?  Make an appointment with a photographer. (Doesn't Anne Hathaway look stunning??? omg)

And it's important to have a few pictures that look like you.  I love actor websites that have the "Gallery" heading.  There's about 5-7 pictures of them in different locations or styles.  So if the facial hair thing applies to you, keep a few pictures, but DEF add some updated ones.

I know a lot of actors who hate their headshot or just strongly dislike.  And they're totally vocal about it.  The makeup artist gave them a look they didn't like or it's waaaaay too photoshopped.  Well, it's a new year, get new ones.  NOW.

I've worked with some kick ass PHOTOGRAPHERS who do great headshot work.

Jessica Leigh:

Ismael Cruz-Cordova:

Jon Mayor:

Alexis J. Vail:

Ashly Covington:

I strongly recommend these artists.


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